Aspen Ski Season is Almost Here and We Are Stocking The Latest Ski Rentals

New Aspen Ski RentalsSki season is almost here-let the countdown begin! 79 days, to be exact, until the Aspen mountain gondola begins turning. Hamilton Sports is Aspen’s ski shop for the latest and greatest gear. This season, we are proud to be carrying nine models of Kastle skis. Brand new for the 2015/2016-ski season is Kastles FX, BMX and CPM 82 skis. With updated construction, profiles and widths, these skis offer the unparalleled performance and quality Kastle is known for.

Kastle pro team athlete, Aspen local, and Hamilton Sports ski shop regular, Chris Davenport, inspired and tested the FX or all-mountain freeride series. These skis are fun yet strong, with updated waist widths of 85mm and 95mm. There is also the HP (high performance) option that has two sheets of metal for those needing just a little bit extra. And the new dual rise camber profile makes for excellent float on powder days without giving up edge hold or stability for everyday skiing. And here in Aspen, we love the versatility of the FX series. No powder day too deep and no groomer day too firm for these skis.
From early morning adventures on the backside to the last chair ride up, the Kastle BMX 105 blends traditional construction with a new design.  Progressive rise gives a bigger sweet spot and a super smooth ride.  And for those sending it extra hard, the BMX 105 is available in HP (high performance) with an additional two sheets of metal. Made for the ripping skier who prefers a wider ski and splits his or her time between the frontside and backside.

For the all mountain, front side skier, the CPM 82 added a carbon fiber layer. As a result, this sporty ski is lightweight and responsive giving you great edge control and stability. If you love the LX 82, the CPM 82 will blow you away.  And the modern, stealth aesthetics are sure to make this 82mm waist ski a top seller in Aspen ski shops.
Back again for this season are the beloved MX 88 and MX 98. Traditional camber, no early rise, two sheets of metal and vertical side walls have made both of these Aspen ski shop favorites for years. The MX 88 offers control and speed in variable conditions, while the race inspired MX 98 allows for knifing turns all day. Made for advanced or expert skiers looking for a stable ride that can plow through anything, the MX line can take whatever conditions the mountain throws at you that day.

New widths, rocker profiles and carbon fiber materials are just a few of the newest technologies utilized by Kastle for the 2015/2016 ski season. And we are stoked for the return of the hard charging MX line. Hamilton Sports carries a wide range of Kastle skis that fit all adventure and ability levels. For the extreme, off-piste skier, check out the BMX 105. And for those looking for a smooth ride on sunny, groomer days, the sporty CPM 82 can do it all.

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