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Blizzard Skis is an Austrian based ski company that has been specializing in alpine skiing equipment since 1945.  Blizzard builds skis that maximize the benefits of modern technology while maintaining construction methods that stay true to the origins of skiing and ski making. All of the rental skis at Hamilton Sports Aspen ski shop from Blizzard are built on a wood core making them light and giving them a more traditional feel than metal core skis. While using modern rocker/camber shapes and using carbon fiber appropriately creates skis that are easy to ski, perform in a variety of conditions and hold up well over time. Read on to find the perfect Blizzard ski for your next ski trip to Aspen.

Hustle 11

Blizard Hustle Rental SkisThe Hustle 11 is built specifically for the backcountry. By combining a lightweight TrueBlend Free wood core with a blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass you get a unique blend of performance on the downhill and lightness on the uphill like few other skis made. Fear not this focus on being lightweight does not sacrifice where you need it when you need it. The Trueblend Free Woodcore positions three unique densities of wood in unison to form a woodcore that is intentionally designed to create a flex pattern that a smooth and balanced feeling. The carbon fiber steps up when things get real, providing dampening at hi-speeds so you don’t get the chatter of some other lightweight skis. This combination of materials set in a ski with a rocker, camber and sidecut born from our freeride skis makes it a real joy to ski. The Hustle 11 is going to be a great ski to take with you when you head up to Aspen Highlands Bowl, you will appreciate the low weight while you are hiking up and revel in the performance on the way down.

Hustle 10

Blizard Hustle 10 Rental SkiThe Hustle 10 as the name implies is also a backcountry ski from Blizzard with an emphasis on finding that perfect balance between downhill skiing and uphill touring. With the explosion over the past few years of on and off-piste skiing, skiers are getting the benefit of more ski companies dedicating more resources to these types of touring skis.  The Trueblend Free Woodcore for Blizzard’s freeride 7 backcountry categories combines beech and poplar. These two wood types give the ski a high level of performance with the lightness of a wood core over metal. The addition of paulownia makes the Hustle 10 lightweight with a perfectly balanced flex. The Hustle 10 is also built with a freeride rocker, camber and sidecut configuration that make it fun to ski and reliable in the variety of conditions you may run into off-piste or even just skinning up after work. Aspen locals who want a ski that is ideal for touring up Buttermilk at the end of the day or lunch laps on the Gondola are snatching this ski up so fast we can barely keep it in stock.

Rustler 10

Blizzard Rustler 10 Rental SkisThe Rustler 10 has been one of our most popular skis here in the Aspen ski shop for both rentals and those looking to buy that elusive quiver of one ski. Blizzard has been legendary for their ski designs and this one achieves its status by combining two signature concepts: an original waist design built on Carbon Flipcore D.R.T Technology. On the Rustler 10 the longer the ski the wider the waist so skiers have more float and control even on the steepest of terrain. With how steep our local mountains are you can see why this ski is so popular. What is D.R.T?  This is a layer of Titanal specifically shaped to go under the binding that gives the ski torsional rigidity in the tip & tail. A rocker-camber-rocker profile makes the ski responsive and stable while staying playful in softer snow and other conditions. If you are like most who prefer to ski either fresh powder or chalky bumps then the Rustler 10 is for you.

Rustler 9

Blizzard Ruslter 9 Rental SkisThe Rustler 9 is the little sibling of the 10, making it ideal for days that are not as deep and even better at handling the spectrum of conditions you will experience when skiing top to bottom laps on the Silver Queen gondola. This ski seems to be made for skiing Aspen in this capacity. One could have cold blower pow in Walshes at the top of the mountain at nearly 12,000 feet, then you can encounter creamy turns as you head over the Ridge of Bell about halfway down the mountain. Finally, if your legs can handle it, you could have classic mogul skiing on F.I.S. as you make your way down the last stretch to the gondy. The lightweight structure of the D.R.T. (see the Rustler 10) combined with more of an all-mountain shape make this a great ski for all conditions, all-terrain, all day.

Sheeva 10

Blizzard Sheeva 10 Rental SkisThe Sheeva 10 is specifically designed for the woman who demands a ski that is as confident in the steep and deep of Temerity as it is navigating the glades Bear Paw. This award-winning ski is a do it all quiver of one, something that Blizzard skis seem to excel at above and beyond all others. The progressive shape with a rocker profile has the skis feeling like the new school sticks they are. Blizzard takes brought together a team of female skiers, coaches, retailers, engineers and more to create Women2Women. This program is dedicated to creating the best skis for a woman on the mountain and when you ski the Sheeva you will be a believer.

Sheeva 9

Blizzard Sheeva 9 Rental SkisThe Sheeva 9 is a slightly tamer version of the 10. Where the 10 is going to be your go-to ski for storms that drop over a foot of the white stuff or for the skier who can ski G-8 in Highlands Bowl in 4 massive high-speed turns, the 9 is ideal for that 6 inches or less storm will love the Mine Dumps when they reach that nice chalky consistency and are going to be perfect for sunny bumps on those perfect spring days on Aspen. The reduced torsional rigidity in the tip and tail help you navigate in and out of quick turns, while the lightweight D.R.T. structure makes for a playful ski with a rebound that saves energy so you stay fresh for full days on the mountain. This is not a G.S. ski and not a dedicated powder ski but a ski built to ski what most of your days on the mountain will be, just good fun.

Black Pearl 88

Blizzard Black Pearl 88 Rental SkisThe Black Pearl 88 is a workhorse of a ski, built to take on the majority of the conditions you find on the mountain on any given day. Not every day can be a powder day and that is fine because ripping groomers, bashing bumps and plowing through crud is just as a ton of fun. This 88mm underfoot ski is a tried and true design that is forgiving enough for intermediate skiers but has the powder advanced skiers want and need to ski at a high level. The TrueBlend Flipcore has a women’s specific design that provides strength and stability while the all mountain sidecut and Sandwich Compound Sidewall let hold an edge at any speed. Built on the new classic formula of Rocker-Camber-Rocker you can easily get in and out of turns without feeling squirly. This is going to be your go to rental ski for most days of your Aspen holiday or an ideal ski to buy if your quiver consists of one all-mountain ski and one set of powder boards.

Rustler Team

Blizzard Ruslter Team Rental SkisKids and juniors deserve to have skis that work for them specifically and not just scaled-down versions of adult skis. The Rustler Team is just that, a versatile freeride ski built with all the technology of adult skis so junior freeriders will be able to chase the lines of their dreams. The Rustler Team has a rocker-camber-rocker profile that sets young skiers up for success by being a ski that is easy to turn. The Carbon Flipcore D.R.T Technology keeps the ski light yet powerful enough to handle any terrain or conditions the groms want to take on. Rent this ski for your child and give them the skis to explore the park on Buttermilk or take on the steeps of Aspen.

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