Nordica Skis Aspen

Those of you who have been skiing for decades may remember the early days with Nordica leather boots and long straight skis. While nostalgic as these days are thank goodness we don’t have to ski on those skis and boots anymore. More importantly however is long Nordica has been in the game and how they have not only been a part of the evolution of skiing but a driving force behind it. Many ski companies have come and gone only a handful have maintained a top position in the industry for decades and one of these companies is Nordica. This is for good reason, Nordica has consistently won Olympic Gold Medals and World Cup Globes for decades, this does not come easy as competition at the top is high but Nordica has had a passion for winning and they put in the work to get thee, giving their skiers the fastest skis on the slopes, all they have to do is get down the hill. The technological gains from the time invested in ski racing has benefited the entire line of all-mountain, freeride, powder and touring skis made by Nordica so not only do the best skiers in the world get to benefit but all of us who love the sport.

Nordica Enforcer 100

Nordica Enforcer 100 Demo SkisNordica took a chance this year when it completely redesigned one of the best selling skis in the industry, and it paid off. The updated design sports a new carbon chassis and a updated core profile that consist of two sheets of metal. These new features dampen vibrations while at the same time reduce weight. This affects how the ski rides making it a more stable ski with heightened responsiveness. Maintaining the Enforcers iconic all mountain performance and unapparelled versatility with a slight tail rocker and an early rise tip long-time fans will recognize the feel of this ski immediately while the modern design will make it worth the upgrade and allow you to take your skiing to the next level.

Nordica Unleashed 108

Nordica Unleashed 108 Powder SkisThe Unleashed will feel the most free in deep snow thanks to the early rise tip and tail that give the ski plenty of flotation built on the 108 width, a width that many find to be the perfect size to float while maintaining maneuverability. You want a powder ski to be light and that is achieved with the combination of a wood core combined with carbon to give the ski a smooth ride with plenty of pop for those who like to make jump turns in the deep stuff. The traditional camber underfoot the ski will feel stable and at home in the bumps and the trees.

Nordica Santa Ana 93

Nordica Santa Anna Touring SkisKnown for a relentless commitment to refinement Nordica has managed to build a ski that infuses the light weight needed for uphill touring with exceptional performance on the downhill. With a shorter turn radius the ski is easy to control, ideal in the unpredictable terrain encountered in the backcountry. Whether on piste of off the Santa Ana 93 from Nordica shows just how far touring skis have come from early days where they were either light for the uphill and skied horribly on the down or were heavy on the up but gave you performance when skiing, with this ski you get the best of both worlds and will be smiling in both directions.