The Perfect Location

Aspen Mountain may have the unique distinction of being the only ski resort in the country without a parking lot. The majority of the people skiing on any given day are staying in local accommodations from which they can walk or are locals who walk, ride their bikes (yes with their skis) or take the bus.

If you are reading this you are likely a guest at one of our local lodges. This being the case you will greatly appreciate being able to drop your skis and boots at our ski shop, just steps from the gondola, and free yourself to stroll back to your lodge. You will be unencumbered to window shop, snack or partake in the apres-ski scene without having to worry about your skis and boots.

In the morning you will be able to enjoy a leisurely stroll with a fresh Americano back to the shop giving your legs a gentle warm up all without skis and boots over each shoulder. You will find your skis freshly tuned and your boots warm and dry ready for you to enjoy another day of skiing on the legendary Aspen Mountain.

As you are most likely fully aware “Aspen” consists of 4 ski mountains nestled in the pristine headwaters of the Roaring Fork Valley. These mountains consist of Aspen Mountain (or AJAX as locals call it) Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk and Snowmass. Learn more about what makes these ski areas distinct and how the combination really gives every type of skier the terrain and experience they are looking for. To access these other areas you will want to take advantage of the free transportation services provided by our local bus service RFTA (Roaring Fork Transit Authority). Each ski area has its own bus service with frequent departures so you will not have to transfer and will not have to wait long. Hamilton Sports is less than a block from the Rubey Park bus terminal, the hub of transportation in Aspen. So you can grab your skis from the shop and be on your way explore the other mountains in minutes.

A side benefit of not having a parking lot, in combination with being a destination ski resort far removed from the day skier traffic of the “Front Range” resorts (Breckenride, Copper, Vail, etc) Aspen provides one of the least crowded skiing experiences of any ski area in Colorado.

Being equal distance between the Silver Queen Gondola and the Rubey Park bus terminal there may be no better location to rent and store your skis than Hamilton Sports.