K2 Skis in Aspen

K2 Skis Aspen

Born in the U.S.A. K2 came to life in Washington State and is the original American ski company! We have carried K2 at Hamilton Sports Aspen ski shop for decades and love every part of this company from the skis they produce to the people that run the business. K2 clearly loves the sport of skiing and it shows in quality of the products they make. K2 is also known as the first ski manufacturer to build skis specifically for women and the results are undisputed. These women specific skis are not just smaller versions of men’s skis but with the knowledge gained from their Women’s Alliance K2 has made skis that respond to the way a female body drives a ski. This year we are offering 4 models of skis to choose from, an All Mountain and a Freeride in both male and female versions. Read on to get psyched about what these ski hold for you and save when you reserve your K2 skis in Aspen ahead on time with our online rental discount.

K2 Mindbender 99ti

K2 Mindbender 99ti Rental SkiThis is the made for all-terrain, Jack of all trades, freeride ski from K2. Starting with the All-Terrain Rocker profile on a medium width (99mm) waist to give the ski just the right amount of float while still being able to go edge to edge quickly. A quick turn radius and a gradual rise in the tip creates versatility in all conditions, and a low tail creates control in variable snow. K2 uses a Titanal Y-Beam construction providing a damp, stable ride at high speeds and on variable terrain. The Y-shaped prongs set over the edges in the shovel of the ski provide precise, powerful turn initiation, while the narrower metal shape in the tail of the ski gives the support you need while keeping the ski maneuverable. Throw in the slew of awards this ski has won and some of our favorite graphics and you have a ski that is going to be very popular on the slopes.

K2 Mindbender 99ti W

K2 Mindbender 99ti Womens Rental SkiK2 recognizes that female skiers are not just lighter versions of men, this manifests in designing skis that are custom tailored to the mechanics of a women’s lower center of gravity and slightly different turn initiation due to different hip and knee mechanics. The 99ti W has an All-Terrain rocker and gradual rise in the tip for great versatility in all conditions, with the shorter low rise in the tail for more control in a variety of snow types. Built with a single sheet of Aspen this wood core is legendary for durability and performance. One of the specifics of this core for women is that it prevents the overly stiff, mid-section typically found on shorter skis. The result is a smooth and consistent flex profile to give the ski excellent turning characteristics. When you want a ski that can handle the steep and intimidating terrain of Walshes you can count on K2 Skis in Aspen to be reliable at every turn.

K2 Mindbender 89ti

K2 Mindbender 89ti Ski RentalThe all new Mindbender 89ti is the hard snow focused version of this popular line of skis. Some of the key differences between this and other wider mindbenders are the contact points are further out from the mount point to increase the east of turn initiation land provide more grip while in high speed turns on hard-pack conditions. Also this ski has less rocker in terms of amount as you will not be using this ski in as deep of snow but K2 has increased the length of the rocker to give the ski drift and smear turns more confidently. The updated Y-Beam 2.0 from K2  is their advanced proprietary construction method where the skis gives a damp, stable ride at high speeds and on variable terrain. This years updates takes things a even further with dramatically enhanced performance tuning. This is going to be perfect ski to rent for Aspen mountain when it has not snowed in a while and where we have that perfect chalky snow that inspires you to go take hot laps on the perfect sunny bump on Bell Mountain!

K2 Mindbender 89ti W

K2 Mindbender 89 ti Womens Ski DemoTrue to the values of the Mindbender family of skis this women’s specific freeride ski has a classic build with a powerful spin that delivers a real high performance ski for hard snow skiing. Built with with K2s Titanal Y-Beam technology the Mindbender 89Ti is equipped for a smooth and reliable turn entry and enhanced power transfer, something you need for high speed groomers and quick snappy mogul turns. This ski is optimized for hard-pack skiing with the stability and edge hold that will give you the confidence you are looking for on the vast amount of expert terrain available on Aspen Mountain. The Y-shaped prongs set over the edges in the nose of the ski allow the ski to listen to your every demand and turn on a while the narrower metal shape of the back of the ski gives you the support you need to ski aggressively while still remaining maneuverable.