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Faction Skis

Faction Skis is not your traditional large corporate organization but instead is a group of independent skiers, engineers, artists, film makers and dreamers who inspired by their love of the sport of skiing and of the mountains we play in have created an original line of skis. Faction skis are of the highest quality and built using the most cutting edge construction methods. The designs and shapes of Faction skis are specifically for all mountain and freestyle skiing made for and by some of the best mountain athletes in the world. These athletes live and ski in the Swiss Alps and their skis have been used to Winter X Games and Olympic medals, Freeride World Championships and more. But most importantly they have been put to the test on some of the most demanding big mountain terrain in the world. With lightweight-hybrid cores, recycled materials and just the right amount of rocker their skis perform.

Prodigy 3.0

Faction Skis ProdigyThe Prodigy 3.0 is a ski built for skiers who like to treat the mountain like a playground, carving banks, jibbing trees, olying gaps and launching cat tracks. Built on a poplar wood core you get a ski with a medium-weight core that pops and flexes in a way that gives the ski this playful feel. This medium weight is really ideal as it gives the ski enough torsional stability to butter, pop and stomp without so much that it holds you down. Faction has a built in “Surf Zone” in this ski where the Rocker provides float and allows for pivoting as it tapers to the tip. By moving the widest part of the ski closer to the center of the ski it stops unwanted hooking and gives the Prodigy a floaty ride in all conditions. The Prodigy also has an Elliptical Sidecut where the radius is shorter in the tips and longer under the boot which lets the ski move from edge to edge faster and also allows you to make quicker turns. This sidecut allows for a wide variety of turn angles and lengths so you can ski the ski the way you want to.


Prodigy 2.0

Faction Skis Prodigy 2.0The Prodigy 2.0 is a narrower version of the 3.0 allowing it to perform even better on more firm and fast conditions. Where the 3.0 uses the mountain as a playground and likes a little fresh snow the 2.0 is an ideal ski for the park when it is groomed to perfection.  The poplar wood core and soft flex pattern allow the ski to ollie of kickers and absorb landings with a smooth transition. Built with the full strength sidewall that places a protective material along the sides of each core you get a ski that edges with the precision of a race ski without the weight and stiffness. This reinforcement also protects the core, base and top sheet. The elliptical sidecut allows the ski to have a faster turning radius which will make it ideal for bump skiing on a sunny day on Aspen. This is going to be a great ski for all mountain skiing when it has not snowed for a few days or for hitting the park on Buttermilk.


Dancer 1

Faction Skis Aspen DancerThe Dancer is built differently from the Prodigy skis in that the wood core is sandwiched between two thin sheets of metal. This makes the ski slightly heavier and less playful but what it gives in return is more control at high speed and the ability to drive through a wider variety of snow conditions. The Dancer has what is known as a Freeride Flat Tail. This combines a traditional flat tail which is built for edge grip and speed and adds in a slight tail rocker making it easier to turn. This combination of features allows the ski to perform on high-speed groomers or on quick turning bumps.


Faction Agent 2.0X

Faction Ski Rentals AgentThe Agent 2.0X is a mountain ski that is designed for aggressive downhill skiing with its progressive all-mountain flat tail. The ski is built with a combination of core materials that keep it light enough to be used as a touring ski but powerful enough to handle extreme conditions once you get there. The Karuba wood is extremely lightweight with great flex characteristics and the addition of a full carbon weave sandwiching the core give the ski extra stability. To futher enhance the skis toughness to better handle the rocks and trees you may encounter on ungroomed terrain the Agent 2.0X has XL2.5MM edges, these edges add an extra 35% on top of traditional edges, this extra steel can take more abuse and will last longer. This is going to be a great ski to take up Highlands Bowl or as a go to touring ski in our surrounding mountais.