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Black Crows skis come from the birthplace of extreme skiing in Chamonix, France. Skiing here is different than any other place on earth, one trip of Aiguille de Midi and you quickly realize just how different. The vast majority of skiing done here is “off piste” requiring not only the ability to ski in extreme conditions on big mountain terrain but knowledge of glacier travel and backcountry orientation.

The brand was founded by by pro freeskiers Camille Jaccoux and Bruno Compagnet in 2006 over drinks in a restaurant in Chamonix as the table was discussing the ultimate freeski does not exit. Introducing one ski at a time starting with the Corvus, ensuring that the flex and sidecut were perfect the brand has grown into a full line with the perfect freeride ski for every condition and every rider.

Built on the success of their first models, the line has developed with a quiver of playful, efficient and reliable skis. The original designs have quickly seduced the international market thanks to their perfect balance of performance and elegance. Winning numerous awards in many specialist magazines, Black Crows has also made a name for itself through its marketing, with innovative publicity campaigns, music events.


Black Crows Atris Ski RentalsThe Atris is the most versatile ski in the Black Crows line for this ski season. The ski has been updated for this year, not at 105 underfoot it is a slightly slimmer ski than it used to be. With a double rocker profile, you move the mounting point slightly forward on this ski giving it great maneuverability and control.  This ski feels super light underfoot letting you pop through challenging terrain even in the deepest of snow conditions. The Atris has full ABS sidewall around the entire ski giving the ski a lot of dampness making it very comfortable without chatte. This ski is made for advanced to expert skiers who want to ski powder but still have a lot of versatility in their ski. If you were going to buy one ski for your ski season or rent one ski for your Aspen vacation, this would be a good candidate. Not only is the ski good in powder but can hold an edge on hardpack allowing you to lay down nice carves as you charge down Little Nell after skiing pow all day in the Mine Dumps.



Black Crows Camox Ski RentalsThe dimensions of the Camox, 97mm under the waist and a 20m turning radius, giving it the abilities of a freestyle backcountry ski. With the double rocker, the tail is not too high but it gives the ski a great pivot making it easier to get out of a turn and pointed back down the mountain.  The twin tip feeling gives you that smoother buttery feeling in the turn while the mild front rocker makes turns easier to initiate in all kinds of conditions. The sidecut give the Camox great edge efficiency, which translates into good stability in turns and a solid grip at high speeds. The ski has a nice bounce in the mild flex making it accessible to less aggressive skiers while still delivering good performance. The playfulness of this ski without the full metal core makes it ideal for the skier who wants to jump and get in the air as well. This is going to be a great ski for packed powder conditions, for days when the snow is still good but not fresh and you want to play in the bumps and glades with control and confidence.



Black Crows Serpo Ski RentalsThe Serpo is a brand new ski from Black Crows optimized for carving on-piste with a 93mm waist and a full metal layer for grip and stability. The ski is balanced slightly back towards the all-terrain range with the light tip and tail rocker for pivot and the classic camber for stability and handling. The idea behind the Serpo was to make a ski that is a little more accessible to all ability levels than other Black Crows skis while still delivering their legendary performance. Coming from Chamonix, France, the birthplace of extreme skiing Black Crows initially focused more on high-performance skis for demanding terrain and are now bringing the knowledge gained from these skis to on-piste skis for more beginner and intermediate skiers. This is achieved by giving the ski a mild flex and narrower waist that allow easier edge-to-edge initiation with the progressive early rise on the tip & tail to allow you to enter and exit turns without that stuck feeling. The ski is designed to go fast and the sidecut really lets it hold an edge. This ski is going to be a great ski for those who want to cruise the front-side of the mountain equally spending time in the bumps or making hi-speed carves on groomed terrain. This is an ideal ski for those who are ready to take their skiing to the next level.


Captis Birdie

Black Crows Captis Birdie Ski RentalsThe Captis Birde has been completely rebuilt for this ski season, with 90mm underfoot and a 17m turning radius and a longer sidecut that extends further to the tip and tail. This ski is made for every skier level, beginners can get on it and have fun right away while still giving advanced skiers the power needed to ski more demanding terrain and at higher speeds. Influenced by twin-tip skis the Captis Birdie will let you smear and play around with your turns without losing control. The double rocker makes it less aggressive than a flat tale ski and the added flex makes the ski a little more sporty. A classic medium camber under the foot give the ski intermediate contact to the snow for that perfect balance between stability and handling. This is a great ski for the resort skier looking for a fun and easy-to-handle ski.


Camox Birdie

Black Crows Camox Birdie Ski RentalsAt 97mm underfoot and a 20m turning radius, the Camox Birdie has a long effective edge that makes it a very stable ski. The ski has a mild double rocker with a classic camber that result in a wonderful balance of maneuverability and stability. The ski excels in a giant slalom style turn whether you are on groomed or variable terrain. The Camox Birdie has a progressive flex, meaning it will be a little more solid underfoot and a little more forgiving in the tip and tail. This a great front-of-the-mountain ski that is a little bit wider under the waist then other on-piste skis. This means it is designed more for bumps, trees and variable terrain and less for the quick turns one would make on a steep groomed run like Aztec.


Atris Birdie

Black Crows Atris Birdie Ski RentalsThe Atris Birdie is designed specifically for women who are looking for a big mountain that performs best in powder but handles impeccably in all conditions. At 105 underfoot the ski has great float combined with a full double rocker so you can get on top of your turns to transition and then dive down into the deep. While a little slower edge to edge than a resort-specific ski the Atris Birdie delivers on days when the snow is flying and so are you. Full ABS set on a wood core gives this ski a lot of comfort and stability when you are in terrain where every turn matters. The wood core also keeps the ski light so you will not get as tired as you may trying to maneuver a heavier metal core ski in deep snow conditions. This is the ski you are going to want to rent on the days when the snow is good. For those looking to buy if you like to spend time in Highlands Bowl or The Wall on Snowmass and are planning a trip to Chamonix this season well this is definitely the ski for you.

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