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Black Crows Skis: Shaping the Future of Skiing Performance

In the world of skiing, one brand stands out for its commitment to innovation, design, and performance: Black Crows. Established in 2006 by a group of passionate skiers in Chamonix, France, Black Crows has rapidly ascended to become a symbol of excellence in the skiing industry. This brand’s ethos revolves around creating high-performance skis that excel in various snow and terrain conditions, catering to a wide range of skiing styles. Whether you’re a backcountry enthusiast, a freestyle junkie, or a groomed trail aficionado, Black Crows offers a ski model that suits your needs.

Black Crows: The Philosophy

Black Crows’ philosophy is deeply rooted in the mountains. They believe that the soul of skiing lies in exploring untouched slopes, conquering challenging terrain, and embracing the unpredictable nature of snow. This philosophy is evident in every ski they produce.

The brand places a strong emphasis on marrying craftsmanship with technology. They work with renowned ski designers, mountaineers, and athletes to develop skis that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also deliver top-tier performance. This commitment to quality has earned them a dedicated global following.

Performance Across Snow and Terrain Conditions

One of the remarkable features of Black Crows skis is their versatility across various snow and terrain conditions. Whether you find yourself carving down groomed runs at a resort or venturing into the backcountry for fresh powder, there’s a Black Crows ski designed to optimize your experience.

1. Piste Skis: For those who prefer the well-groomed trails of ski resorts, Black Crows offers a range of piste-specific skis. Their responsive nature allows for confident edge-to-edge transitions and impressive carving capabilities.

2. All-Mountain Skis: Black Crows’ all-mountain skis, like the Camox, are designed to perform admirably across various conditions. These skis excel on groomed slopes, but they truly shine when you venture off-piste. They offer a perfect blend of stability, versatility, and agility, making them ideal for skiers who crave a bit of everything.

3. Freeride Skis: For those who crave the untracked backcountry powder, Black Crows’ freeride skis are the ultimate choice. Models like the Serpo are built to tackle deep snow, variable conditions, and rugged terrain with ease. They feature wider profiles, rocker technology, and powerful cores, enabling skiers to float effortlessly through powder and charge down challenging lines.

4. Touring and Backcountry Skis: Black Crows is renowned for its touring and backcountry skis, designed to cater to adventurers who crave exploration beyond the resort boundaries. The Atris exemplifies their commitment to lightweight, durable, and efficient skis that perform exceptionally well during ascents and descents.


In the world of skiing, Black Crows is a brand that transcends boundaries. They bring together artistry, technology, and a deep connection to the mountains to create skis that inspire skiers of all levels. Whether you’re carving on groomed slopes, exploring the backcountry, or seeking the thrill of freestyle skiing, Black Crows offers a ski model tailored to your preferences.

Black Crows’ dedication to pushing the boundaries of ski design ensures that their skis consistently deliver exceptional performance across a wide spectrum of snow and terrain conditions. From the pristine corduroy of resort pistes to the untamed wilderness of backcountry powder, Black Crows skis empower skiers to chase their passions and embrace the beauty of the mountains.

In essence, Black Crows is more than a brand; it’s a symbol of the evolving spirit of skiing, constantly evolving to meet the needs of modern-day enthusiasts while remaining deeply rooted in the timeless traditions of the sport. When you choose Black Crows, you’re not just buying skis; you’re investing in a philosophy, a lifestyle, and a commitment to elevating your skiing experience to new heights.



Black Crows Atris Ski RentalsThe Black Crows Atris ski is a versatile freeride ski designed for advanced to expert skiers seeking exceptional performance in various snow conditions. With a wider profile and rockered tips and tails, it excels in powder, crud, and variable terrain. Its design prioritizes stability, maneuverability, and responsiveness, making it ideal for off-piste adventures and backcountry skiing. The Atris is a go-to choice for those looking to push their limits and explore the challenging terrain of Aspen and Aspen Highlands while enjoying effortless powder turns. It’s a ski crafted for experienced riders who crave an exhilarating and high-performance freeride experience.


Black Crows Camox Rental SkisThe Black Crows Camox ski is a versatile all-mountain ski designed for intermediate to advanced skiers. With a balanced width and a blend of rocker and camber, it excels on groomed slopes and adapts well to various snow conditions, making it ideal for resort skiing. The Camox offers a great mix of stability and agility, providing confident edge grip on hardpack while remaining playful in softer snow. It suits skiers looking for an all-around performer that can handle both frontside carving and off-piste exploration. The Camox is tailored for those seeking a versatile ski that can elevate their skiing experience across varied terrain and conditions.



Black Crows Serpo Demo SkisThe Black Crows Serpo ski is a versatile all-mountain ski designed for advanced to expert skiers. With a waist width typically around 100mm, it offers stability and floatation in powder, making it ideal for off-piste skiing. Its rocker-camber-rocker profile ensures easy turn initiation and excellent edge grip on groomed runs. The Serpo excels in soft snow conditions but can handle a variety of terrain, making it suitable for adventurous skiers who enjoy exploring ungroomed slopes and seeking powder stashes.


Captis Birdie

Black Crows Captis Birdie Ski DemosThe Black Crows Captis Birdie ski is a versatile, all-mountain ski designed for intermediate to advanced female skiers. With a narrower waist width, typically around 90mm, it’s agile and responsive on groomed runs. The Captis Birdie’s rocker-camber-rocker profile offers excellent maneuverability and edge grip, making it suitable for various terrains. While it excels on groomed slopes, it can handle light powder and mixed conditions, making it an ideal choice for skiers who enjoy exploring diverse terrain with confidence and control.


Camox Birdie

Black Crows Camox Birdie Skis AspenThe Black Crows Camox Birdie ski is a versatile all-mountain ski designed for intermediate to advanced female skiers. With a waist width typically around 97mm, it offers a balanced mix of stability and agility. The Camox Birdie’s rocker-camber-rocker profile ensures precise control on groomed runs, while still providing decent floatation in powder. It excels on varied terrain, from groomers to off-piste adventures, making it an excellent choice for skiers seeking versatility and performance across a range of conditions. This is a great ski for the demanding terrain of Aspen Mountain from the mogul fields of the Mine Dumps to the steep corduroy on Aztec.


Atris Birdie

Black Crows Atris Birdie Aspen SkisThe Black Crows Atris Birdie ski is a versatile big mountain ski designed for advanced to expert female skiers. With a wider waist, typically around 108mm, and a rocker-camber-rocker profile, it excels in deep powder and off-piste conditions. The Atris Birdie offers exceptional floatation and maneuverability in soft snow while maintaining stability on variable terrain. It’s tailored for experienced skiers who relish tackling challenging backcountry and steep slopes with confidence and precision.

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