Kaestle Skis Aspen Colorado

Kastle Skis

Built with Austrian ski technology Kaestle creates unique skis for every condition using proven technologies inspired by a racing heritage and sourced using the finest raw materials.

Their slew of key technologies, may of them patented gives their skis many advantages. Their skis are lighter, more powerful and have more edge grip than most the competition. When you ski Kaestle skis you are skiing sophisticated constructions developed in Austria that creates a new standard in performance. Kaestle has been a benchmark in our fleet of rental skis here at the Aspen ski shop and we know you will join the crew of local fans after your first run.

Kaestle ZX115

Kaestle ZX115 Demo SkisWhen you want to bust out the big guns look no further than the Kaestle ZX115, the ultimate powder ski, designed, tested and approved by the Kaestle Freeride Pros. The ZX115 promises you maximum floatation without compromising maneurvability so you can ski technical terrain in the deepest conditions. This is Kaestle’s fattest ski, combining width with a sturdy semi-cap sandwich construction that gives the ski optimum flex and torsional rigidity. This combination creates sensitivity that allows for direct transfer of power giving you total control, even at high speeds. This ski also hast Kaestle’s signature HOLLOWTECH 2.0 and its hard-waring topsheet. The values of “Gen Z” inspired Kaestle to build the X115 as a powder assisan for performance in the backcountry and in competition. This is going to be the go to ski for Highlands Bowl or any time it snows over 10 inches!

Kaestle ZX100

Kaestle ZX100 SkisThe ZX100 is brings Kaestle’s legendary All Mountain and Freeride performance in a ski that is built for the intermediate skier. This is a welcome addition to the line as traditionally Kaestle skis have been built for expert skiers skiing on technical terrain or at high speeds. Designed with a  Hook-Free Shovel  and Tail making it ideal for playing with terrain or quick turns in the bumps. This combination moves the contact point to the snow toward the center of the ski, thus ensuring a more forgiving and playful performance in a ski that is easier to turn. The Beech/Poplar wood core is quite simply THE quality feature of this ski. Special attention is paid to its origin in the selection as well as Kaestle uses up to almost 80% domestic woods, whose main supplier is located in Switzerland. You will understand when you feel the snap and responsiveness of this ski as it does exactly what you tell it and then assists you in getting it done!

Kaestle MX88

Kaestle MX88 Skis AspenLooking for one ski to rule them all? Some skiers geek out on having a ski for the exact type of conditions and exacty style of skiing they will be doing on a given day. Others just want one go to ski that can do it all well. For the latter group we recommend the MX88, this is an all-rounder ski that delivers performance and stability all over the mountain, whether it’s on firm-snow groomers or in choppy backcountry conditions. These Kaestle skis have a “Sandwich-Sidewall construction” that was originally born for the need to have ultimate control at high speeds on the World Cup circuit. This method of construction gives Kästle skis optimum flex and torsional rigidity, creates sensitive and direct transfer of power and ensures total control. The MX88 has a Standard Camber where the skis center is elevated and the contact points to the snow are far at the ends, increasing the effective edge like this allows the ski o initiates turns more quickly and precisely. The combination of these design feature are some of the things that allow the ski to perform equally well making quick turns in the bumps as well as long arcing turns on groomer terrain.

Kaestle FX96 TI

Kaestle FX96 TI Rental SkisBackcountry skiers love Kaestle skis for their ability to deliver a lightweight ski that actually performs in the ungroomed and unpredictable terrain of Off Piste skiing. With a 3D shape made to turn, built on a triple wood core to keep it light and titanal inlays to keep it snappy ou get all of the new TRI-TI concepts. This gives you a ski that is stable at speeds and on steep terain, dampness to absorb choppy conditions and a perfect float for when you get it fresh and deep.  Taking advantage of modern ski design the FX has a DUAL RISE to assist you in making turns in all kinds of snow, no more will you feel stuck in a turn in heavy snow, with the FX you will easily initiate and exit turns in all conditions. Combined with Kaestle’s signature HOLLOWTECH 3.0, the FX96 TI yields unbelievable power transmission. If you want a ski that guarantees uncompromising performance on all day ski tours and that you can still take to the resort this is it.

Kaestle DX85 W

Kaestle DX85 Womens SkisWith a twin tip design for easy transitions, a hook free trail to make it easier to get pointed back downhill on steep terrain and a fast grip shovel to keep you snappy between bumps this ski was designed to make skiing fun! By combining energetic performance with comfort with a slightly lighter build and a more responsive shape this ski give you maximum reliability on and off the slopes. The Semi-Cap sidewall comes from Kaestle’s racing heritage and offers total control at speeds so you can trust this ski when you are giving it your all. With specific mounting points for women this is the perfect all-mountain ski for all ladies who want an enjoyable and effortless carving ski in all snow conditions.