Spring Skiing and Parties Galore at Aspen Snowmass

Aspen Powder Day!Here at Hamilton Sports, spring is something we look forward to all year! And it is not just the slushy spring skiing that we love. The month of March in Aspen Snowmass is chalk full of ski and snowboard events, concerts and long après sessions at the base of the mountain. Keep on reading to discover some of our spring favorites.

First, we love how much snow Ullr brings us in March. In the past seven days, Aspen Snowmass has reported over 27 inches of powder, making the past week one of the most epics of   the season! For those deep spring days that send you skiing late into the spring afternoons, we recommend the Blizzard Bonafide and Blizzard Samba. Both feature a 98 mm waist with flip core technology and can handle any spring condition Ajax Mountain throws at you. P.S. Hamilton Sports has just flipped the sign-DEMO SKIS ON SALE. Come in for a great deal on this years used skis!

And of course, Après: how all spring days should end! This week, March 5-8, Aspen’s own Little Nell hotel is hosting the Après Ski Cocktail Classic. This event will include drink tastings, on-mountain activities, a pub-crawl and an opening party at the new Chair 9 restaurant/bar. Check out AspenSnowmass.com for more information!

What else in March? Spring Break! It’s a great time for family and friends alike to come visit. Watch out for Crazy Legs Quinn, Champagne Freddy and Uncle Larry visiting us all the way from the New York area. You may see this group sliding around under Ajax Express with Hamilton Sports demo skis during the day and dancing their faces off downtown Aspen at the FREE Bud light concert on March 16 featuring Umphrey’s McGee. Venue is located at the corner of Cooper Ave and Galena St, show starts at 6:30pm.

If we have not given you enough activities yet, check out these ski and snowboard competitions free and open to the public:

  • Helly Hansen Battle in the Bowls
  • Red Bull Double Pipe
  • Bud Light Big Rail Fridays
  • Kick Aspen Big Air
  • Fallen Friends Memorial Event

As you can tell, we love spring! These are just a few of the activities here in Aspen Snowmass that we are looking forward to this year. Stop by and see us at Hamilton Sports for great spring deals and spring skiing tips!

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