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Elan Skis: A Pinnacle of Performance in the Rockies

Elan Skis, a brand with over seven decades of experience, has established itself as a prominent figure in the skiing industry, renowned for crafting innovative and high-performance skis. In the iconic winter playground of Aspen, Colorado, where diverse terrain and variable snow conditions rule the mountains, Elan skis find their natural home.

Performance Across Snow and Terrain Conditions

Elan skis are celebrated for their ability to deliver exceptional performance across a wide spectrum of snow and terrain conditions. Aspen Mountain and Aspen Highlands, with their varied runs and changing snow quality, demand skis that are versatile and capable of adapting to the ever-changing conditions.

All-Mountain Skis:

Elan’s all-mountain skis, such as the Ripstick series, are ideal for exploring the diverse terrain found on both Aspen Mountain and Aspen Highlands. With a blend of precision, stability, and maneuverability, these skis are equally adept on groomed trails and off-piste adventures. The Ripstick series, in particular, provides an excellent balance between carving on groomers and tackling deeper snow, making it a popular choice among Aspen skiers.

Powder and Freeride Skis:

Aspen Highlands, in particular, is known for its legendary powder stashes. For those chasing the deep stuff, Elan’s freeride and powder skis like the Ripstick 102 are an excellent choice. They offer ample width, rocker profiles, and floatation to make the most of the abundant powder days on Aspen Highlands’ steeps and bowls. These skis thrive in deeper snow and variable conditions, delivering a sensation of effortless gliding through powder and chunder.

Frontside and Groomer Skis:

On Aspen Mountain, where well-groomed runs predominate, Elan’s frontside skis in the Ripstick series shine. These skis are optimized for carving precise turns on corduroy and hard-packed snow. Blizzard technology, with its distinct left and right skis, ensures excellent edge grip and agility, making them an ideal choice for those who love carving down perfectly groomed trails.

Tailoring Skis to Aspen’s Terrain

Aspen Mountain boasts steep chutes, moguls, and challenging runs, while Aspen Highlands offers extensive backcountry and off-piste opportunities. Elan’s diverse ski offerings align perfectly with these unique terrains.

For Aspen Mountain’s groomed trails and corduroy, skiers can count on Elan skis, which enhance carving performance and control. For those venturing into moguls and challenging terrain, all-mountain models like the Ripstick series provide the necessary stability and versatility.

On Aspen Highlands, freeride and powder enthusiasts will find their match in Elan’s Ripstick series. These skis are designed to excel in variable conditions and deep snow, allowing skiers to navigate the challenging and exhilarating terrain that Aspen Highlands has to offer.

In summary, Elan Skis stands as a beacon of performance in Aspen’s mountain playground. Their commitment to crafting skis that perform remarkably well across diverse snow and terrain conditions ensures that Aspen skiers can find the perfect ski to suit their style and needs. Whether carving down groomed runs on Aspen Mountain or conquering powder-filled bowls on Aspen Highlands, Elan skis are trusted tools for unforgettable mountain experiences in this iconic Colorado ski destination.


Elan Playmaker Ski RentalsThe Elan Playmaker skis are designed for beginner and intermediate skiers looking to build their skills on groomed slopes. With a forgiving construction and lightweight design, they offer stability and control, making them ideal for learning and honing skiing techniques. These skis perform best on packed snow and groomed terrain, providing easy turn initiation and maneuverability. The Playmaker series is tailored for skiers who prefer relaxed, leisurely skiing on well-maintained trails and want a user-friendly ski to boost their confidence as they progress through the early stages of their skiing journey.

Ripstick 96 Black Edition

Elan Ripstick 96 Black Edition Rental SkisThe Faction Ripstick 96 Black Edition skis are high-performance all-mountain tools designed for advanced to expert skiers. With a versatile design, they excel in various snow conditions and terrain. These skis are ideal for skiers seeking a blend of precision, stability, and maneuverability both on and off-piste. The Ripstick 96 Black Edition handles groomed slopes with precision and shines in powder, crud, and variable snow. They are tailored for experienced skiers looking to explore the entire mountain confidently, tackle challenging terrain, and relish in the thrill of diverse conditions. These skis are perfect for advanced and expert skiers who demand top-tier performance and versatility.

Ripstick 102

Elan Ripstick 102 Demo SkisThe Elan Ripstick 102 skis are versatile all-mountain tools designed for advanced to expert skiers. With a slightly wider waist and a rocker-camber-rocker profile, they excel in diverse terrain and snow conditions. These skis are particularly well-suited for off-piste and backcountry adventures, offering superb floatation and maneuverability in powder, crud, and variable snow. The Ripstick 102 is tailored for experienced skiers seeking high-performance gear to confidently explore challenging conditions and diverse mountain terrain. Its blend of stability, agility, and responsiveness makes it an ideal choice for advanced skiers looking to push their limits and enjoy thrilling experiences across the mountain.

Ripstick 94

Elan Ripstick 94 Ski DemosThe Elan Ripstick 94 skis are versatile all-mountain performers designed for intermediate to advanced skiers. With a balanced waist width and a rocker-camber-rocker profile, they excel in varied terrain and snow conditions. These skis are ideal for on-piste carving and off-piste exploration, offering a mix of stability, agility, and responsiveness. The Ripstick 94 skis well on groomed slopes, handling hard-packed snow with ease, and it also performs admirably in softer snow and variable conditions. It caters to skiers looking for a dependable, all-around ski that can elevate their skiing experience across diverse mountain terrain and conditions.

Ripstick 88

Elan Ripstick 88 Womens Rental SkisThe Elan Ripstick 88 skis are versatile all-mountain performers designed for intermediate to advanced skiers. With a narrower waist width and a rocker-camber-rocker profile, they are tailored for precise control and responsiveness on groomed slopes. These skis excel in hard-packed snow conditions, offering excellent edge grip and carving ability. The Ripstick 88 is designed for skiers who prioritize on-piste skiing but still want the option to explore some off-piste terrain. It caters to those seeking a well-balanced ski that can confidently handle groomed runs and occasional forays into variable conditions, making it a great choice for intermediate to advanced level skiers.

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