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Elan has been handcrafting skis world class skis in the Slovenian Alps for over 75 years that deliver an unparalled skiing experience. With a complete collection of sticks that cover everything from sunny groomers on perfect morning corduroy to epic face shots fueled by storm day feshies Elan is sure to have the ski for you. At Hamilton Sports ski shop in Aspen, Colorado we offer 5 of our favorite models in our ski rental fleet. Made with carbon and wood cores Elan skis our some of the lightest skis we carry. When you rent from us you can try a different pair of these hi-tech skis every day of your vacation.


Black Edition Ripstick 106

Elan Skis Black Edition Ripstick 106When you have Glen Plake on your team designing your skis you know they are going to be good. Plake has been at the forefront of skiing for decades and that influence is felt in the game-changing QuadRod Technology, the driving force behind the Ripstick 106 Black Edition. This ski destroys the fallacy that fat skis that excel in powder can be hard-charging edge laying machines. With a TubeLite Woodcore and then enhanced Amphibio Profile you get a ski that is light and playful without sacrificing power. The CarbonLine, a carbon weave that runs along the inside edge gives the ski an amazingly good edge grip in the tip and tail, this is one of the secrets of success that allows this ski to perform on hardpack as well as in soft snow. All this in a sexy black camo design results in what could be the perfect ski for Aspen on a powder day, setting you up to float in the fresh in the morning and still charge through packed powder at the end of the day when the lines are tracked.


Black Edition Ripstick 96

Elan Skis Black Edition Ripstick 96Elan likes to go hi-tech on their skis, but you know what, it delivers so that is fine by us. Like the 106 the 96 also has the QuadRod Technology, carbon rods in the tip and tail for power enhanced beyond transmission to the edge. This Black Edition also has the Carbon Line, this carbon weave mesh is set on the inside edges of the ski at the tip and tail and is bonded by an additional layer of carbon under the binding. So what you may ask, well the “what” is the culmination of a natural feeling flex pattern but with more energy directed to the edges of the ski, meaning your turns hold an edge like you are on rails.  This is a great ski to rent for those 6 to 12 inch powder days when the snow is soft but you still need something that can hold when you find the bottom. Also ideal for the day after a storm when conditions are still soft enough to go fast but you need to turn considerably more.


Ripstick 94 W

Elan Skis Ripstick 94WThis ski is what we refer to as a mid-fat ski, so while not the fattest powder board out the there because the ski is extremely lightweight it skis like a much fatter pair of sticks. The Ripstick 94  has been upgraded this season with Elans’s most advanced asymmetrical technology the Amphibio Carbon Line. This puts them more on par with the Black Edition skis. The dedicated right and left skis have a cambered inside edge the gives them unparalleled stability and edge grip. The rocker and camber design has them skiing like a freeride ski, combined with that Tubelite Woodcore, a laminated wood core with two lightweight carbon rods inserted into it, make this a playful ski that will let you turn on a dime in Aspen’s legendary mogul fields. This combination of lightweight performance in a mid-fat ski would also make this a great touring ski for most days of the season.


Ripstick 88 W

Elan Skis Ripstick 88WDesigned by women for women who want a front side ski that is as knowledgeable in the realm of perfect corduroy as it is in sunny bump fields. A true-all mountain ski the Ripstick 88 Wi is a great ski for Aspen being equally at home mocking down Two Leaf as it is bashing the bumps on the Face of Bell. Built with the Amphibio Carbon Line technology this ski has a combination of innovations that provide the best balance of lightweight construction with power and performance. One of these is the Vaportip Reinforcements. Composites are built into the ends of the ski that reduce vibration and weight at the same time. So you get a smoother ride at speed and more stability in the bumps. It is innovations like these that make Elan skis so good at performing on multiple types of terrain and in different types of conditions.


Ripstick 102

Elan Skis Ripstick 102With the Ripstick 102 we are getting into one of many people’s favorite topics, powder skiing. Designed by women the 102 W is the ultimate ladies freeride ski to use when it gets deep and steep. The width makes it a clear candidate for the job but the Tubelite Woodcore adds extra capacity to the job by keeping the ski easy to maneuver when buried under a foot of fresh. The SST sidewalls provide direct power transmission to the edges and assure control over the full length of the ski so the ski still performs with the characteristics of an Elan ski unlike some other powder boards that feel like boats under your feet. Be sure to ask the ski shop to set a pair of these aside for you when snow is in the forecast.

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