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Fisher Skis began making their first skis in 1924 in Austria and has since gone on to be a leader in Alpine ski racing, Nordic ski racing and now big mountain freeriding. Working with wood is there specialty since day one and this carried over not only in their skis but in other wood products leading them to be a world leader in hockey sticks and other sports equipment. Theie “Kaizen” CIP model in particular ensures the company’s ongoing process improvements. This has manifested now In terms of sustainability with an emphasis on health, training and further education of employees and their safety. Fisher has remained a privately owned family business not succumbing to the powers of large corporations, this allows them to build their skis as they see best. Fisher stands behind their skis with all their heart and soul and you will feel that every time you click into your skis.

Ranger 102

Fisher skis RangerThe Ranger 102 from Fisher is built first and foremost as a powder ski with some features that allow it to perform on groomers as well. This is not going to be your mogul ski or even something you want in extremely variable conditions as the things about it that allow it to excel in soft snow will not hold up as well in those conditions. The wide waist is going to keep you afloat in deep snow so you will not be fighting the ski and the Freeski Rocker design gives the Ranger 102 a shorter contact length to allow for easier turn initiation that requires less effort. These features are all intended to make skiing less tiring so you can ski longer and are not feeling the burn in your quads after just a few runs on a powder day.


Ranger 96

Fisher Ski Rentals RangerThe 96 is designed to be more of an all-arounder than the 102. The narrower waist is immediately obvious but other features like the Shaped Ti reinforcements are not. These reinforcements give the 96 impressive edge grip and excellent control. A wood core combined with  a classic Sandwich Construction of ABS sidewalls creates a ski with a  balanced flex and perfect rebound to assist you getting out of turns. Something you will really appreciate when snapping quick turns between bumps on Blondies. Blondies is known for having perfectly shaped but rather tight spaced and large bumps, they are a favorite testing ground for locals and their bumps skills but keep in mind the Silver Queen gondola is strategically positioned to allow riders to watch every turn, including the missed ones.


Ranger 108

Fisher Rental Skis Ranger 108This ski is a true powder specialist and a must-have for the ambitious freerider out there. The poplar and beech wood core keep the ski light while the Shaped Ti reinforcements keep it powered up to drive through the deepest of snow. If it snows up to about 10 inches the 102 is going to be a great choice, if snows over a foot you are going to want to step it up to the 108 to take full advantage of what will surely be epic conditions. The calibrated Flex Cut in the ski is something unique to Fischer skis, the in-cut at the binding area is used to optimize flex at this typical rigid part of the ski. The Sintered base of the Ranger line not only gives the ski a longer life but allows for excellent waxing properties giving the ski a buttery smooth ride with no grabbing in moist snow. This Ranger line from Fischer really has it all covered whether you are hitting the bumps or dropping the Dumps there is a Ranger for you!