Rossignol Skis Aspen

Rossignol Skis: A Legacy of Innovation and Performance

Rossignol is a globally recognized brand with a rich history dating back to 1907. Renowned for its pioneering spirit and commitment to innovation, Rossignol has played a significant role in shaping the ski industry. The brand is synonymous with precision engineering, exceptional performance, and a diverse range of skis designed to cater to all types of skiing, skill levels, and terrain conditions.

Rossignol skis are engineered to deliver exceptional performance across a wide spectrum of snow conditions and terrains. Their on-piste skis are designed for carving precise turns on groomed slopes. They excel in providing edge grip, stability, and responsiveness, making them ideal for skiers who prioritize speed and control on well-maintained trails. These skis are perfectly suited for Aspen Mountain, with its abundance of groomed runs. Their all-mountain skis are versatile and capable in various conditions. They strike a balance between groomed and off-piste performance, catering to skiers who love exploring the diverse terrain found on Aspen Mountain and Aspen Highlands. Rossignol’s freeride skis are engineered for off-piste adventures, including powder, crud, and ungroomed terrain. They offer excellent floatation and control in deep snow, making them an excellent choice for advanced skiers seeking thrills in challenging conditions. These are going to be great skis for The Wall on Snowmass on a powder day.

Leaders in Innovations in Ski Technology

Rossignol has consistently integrated cutting-edge technology into their skis, significantly improving their overall performance and the skiing experience.

Rossignol’s LCT (Line Control Technology) technology enhances the power and precision of their skis. It provides a dampening effect, ensuring smooth and stable skiing even at high speeds, making them suitable for advanced skiers.

While the Air Tip technology reduces the weight in the tip of the ski, enhancing maneuverability and reducing vibrations. It improves control and precision, especially when skiing on ungroomed terrain.

Many Rossignol skis incorporate their Carbon Alloy Matrix technology, which combines carbon and basalt fibers. This matrix improves the skis’ stability, power, and agility while reducing overall weight.

Rossignol’s Extended Sidecut technology provides more edge contact when skiing fast and less when skiing slowly. This allows for better control at various speeds and turn radii.

Honeycomb Tip technology reduces swing weight in the ski tip, making it easier to initiate turns and maintain agility in all conditions.

Rossignol Skis is a brand celebrated for its innovation, precision craftsmanship, and exceptional performance across various snow and terrain conditions. Whether you’re carving turns on groomed trails, tackling powder in the backcountry, or exploring family-friendly terrain, Rossignol skis offer versatile and high-performance options that enhance your skiing experience. The brand’s dedication to innovation and quality continues to make Rossignol a trusted and influential name in the skiing world, with a legacy that spans over a century.

Essential W/ SPX

Rossignol Essential Rental SkisThe Rossignol Essential W/ SPX skis are designed for intermediate to advanced female skiers seeking versatile all-mountain performance. With a focus on groomed slopes, they excel in providing precise carving abilities and stability, making them ideal for skiing on well-maintained trails like those on Aspen Mountain. These skis perform exceptionally well on hardpacked and groomed snow conditions, offering excellent control. They are tailored for skiers looking for a reliable ski that delivers an enjoyable on-piste experience. While they primarily suit groomers, their versatility allows them to handle some off-piste terrain and variable snow conditions, providing a dependable and enjoyable skiing experience in Aspen.

Black Ops Sender 94Ti

Rossignol Sender Ti Ski RentalsThe Rossignol Black Ops Sender 94Ti skis are built for advanced to expert skiers looking for versatility and performance in all-mountain conditions. With a 94mm waist width, they excel in various terrains and snow conditions, making them a great choice for Aspen Highlands’ diverse terrain. These skis offer excellent control and stability on groomed runs, while also performing well in ungroomed and variable snow. Designed for experienced skiers who seek precision and agility, the Sender 94Ti is a top choice for those who enjoy exploring the challenging slopes and off-piste terrain Aspen Highlands offers.

Sender Free 100Ti Plus

Sender 100 Free Ti Demo SkisThe Rossignol Sender Free 100Ti Plus skis are designed for advanced to expert skiers who crave versatility and high-performance all-mountain experiences. With a 100mm waist width, they thrive in various terrain and snow conditions, making them an excellent choice for skiing on Snowmass Mountain’s diverse slopes. These skis provide precise control, stability, and responsiveness on groomed runs while excelling in off-piste and variable snow conditions. Tailored for experienced skiers seeking agility and power, the Sender Free 100Ti Plus is ideal for tackling Snowmass’s challenging terrain, from groomers to powder, offering a thrilling and adaptable skiing experience.

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