Rossignol Skis Aspen

Rossignol Skis

Rossignol is a French company and this shows in all the style and passion they put into their skis. They have been building some of the best skis in the industry longer than just about anyone and they show now signs of stepping down from their place in the forefront of skiing.

Rossignol has earned a reputation for making skiing easier. For years driving skis through powder and holding an edge on hardpack or icy terrain took extreme effort and a lot of talent, but over the last 15 years or so development have come along that have really changed the game. First it was the parabolic shape, then it was the use of lightweight materials like carbon that gave the skis stability without extra weight to have to turn, then is was rocker and wow what a difference that made. Rossignol skis has been at the forefront of this progression at every step, making skiing easier doesn’t take away from the sport, the exact opposite actually, it allows the skier to push harder, faster and higher.

Rossignol Black Ops Sender

Rossignol Black Ops SkisThe Black Ops Sender is the Rossignol answer to the quiver of 1 ski which is why we choose to add it to our quiver here at Hamilton Sport, your go to ski shop in Aspen for the best ski rentals and best service. Just ask the locals we have one best ski shop from the Aspen Times more than any other shop. The Sender has a Regular Sidewall construction, in this case that means being built with several layers of core materials including metal, fiberglass and wood. This is wrapped with vertical sidewalls that run the entire length of the ski, the result is more grip, a balanced ride and power in your turns. Combined with Rossignols “Air Tip” technology that allows easy access to turn, meaning you don’t get stuck cutting across the hill on steep terrain, and a Progressive Sidecut that delivers amazing grip yet still keeps a certain playfulness you will feel solid carving through any type of snow on any type of run.

Black Ops Sender 94 Ti

Rossignol 94TI Demo SkisThe 94 TI is a ski built for playing with the mountain, bashing bumps, slashing berms, hucking cat walks, you name it, this ski allows you to use your imagination and ski how you want to. Winning awards from Freeskier, SkiChrono and Freeride validate how well designed this ski is and how much fun it is to ride. These characteristics are achieved foremost with the lightweight paulownia wood core that allows the ski to pop without holding you down. A Titanal Beam running the length of the ski give it significantly more power underfoot so all the energy you drive to the ski goes right to the edge. With a Free Rocker shape that lets you quickly enter and exit turns you will have never felt as confident on the Back of Bell, if you’ve skied it you know those bumps get big but when you have the skill this is as fun as skiing gets.