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Head Skis is a respected and innovative brand in the world of skiing, renowned for its commitment to cutting-edge technology and precision engineering. Founded in 1950 by Howard Head, aeronautical engineer and inventor, the brand has a rich history of pioneering advancements in ski design.

Head Skis is known for producing high-quality skis that cater to skiers of all levels, from beginners to elite athletes. Their product lineup includes a wide range of skis designed for various skiing styles, terrains, and conditions.

One of their notable innovations is the incorporation of Graphene, a lightweight and incredibly strong material, into their skis. This has led to increased performance, responsiveness, and reduced weight, enhancing the skiing experience.

Engineering Skis Tailored To Specific Snow Conditions and Terrain

Head Skis is a brand known for its commitment to precision engineering and innovative technology, delivering exceptional performance across diverse snow and terrain conditions. Whether you’re tackling the groomed runs of Aspen Mountain, navigating the expansive terrain of Snowmass, exploring the family-friendly trails of Buttermilk, or conquering the challenging slopes of Aspen Highlands, Head offers a range of skis to suit your style and needs.

Head Skis offers a diverse range of options that cater to skiers of varying skill levels and preferences in Aspen’s world-renowned skiing destinations. Whether you’re carving turns on groomed trails, exploring ungroomed terrain, or seeking precision and control, Head has a ski model designed to elevate your skiing experience and tackle the specific challenges presented by each of Aspen’s mountains.

Head skis are engineered to provide an exceptional skiing experience, regardless of the snow conditions or terrain you encounter in Aspen’s iconic ski areas.

Tailoring Our Ski Rentals to Aspen’s Terrain

Kore 105

Head Kore 105 Ski RentalsIdeal for expert skiers who want to conquer challenging off-piste terrain in Aspen Highlands and Snowmass. They provide excellent floatation and control in deeper snow and ungroomed conditions. The Head Kore 105 skis are designed for advanced to expert skiers who love off-piste and backcountry adventures. With a wider waist width, they excel in deeper powder and variable conditions found in Aspen Highlands and Snowmass. These skis offer excellent floatation and maneuverability in ungroomed terrain and steep chutes, making them a fantastic choice for advanced skiers looking to conquer challenging off-piste slopes.

Kore 93

Head Kore 93 Rental SkisA versatile choice for Aspen Mountain and Buttermilk, perfect for advanced skiers who enjoy both groomed runs and off-piste exploration. They provide excellent control and versatility for tackling varied terrain. The Head Kore 93 skis strike a balance between versatility and carving capabilities. With a moderate waist width, they perform well on groomed runs in Aspen Mountain and Buttermilk while still being capable off-piste. These skis cater to advanced skiers who enjoy exploring groomed trails but also seek the flexibility to venture into ungroomed terrain and handle variable conditions with confidence.

Kore 97 W

Head Kore 97 Women's Demo SkisDesigned for advanced female skiers looking to explore the entire mountain in Aspen Highlands, Snowmass, Aspen Mountain, and Buttermilk. They offer versatility and precision in varying conditions and terrain. The Head Kore 97 W skis are designed specifically for women skiers who want versatility and precision. They are suitable for various terrain conditions, including groomed slopes in Aspen Mountain and Buttermilk, as well as off-piste adventures in Aspen Highlands and Snowmass. These skis provide excellent control and agility, making them a great choice for advanced female skiers looking to explore Aspen’s diverse terrain

Supershape E-Titan

Head Supershape E Ski DemosTailored for advanced skiers seeking precision and high-speed carving on groomed slopes in Aspen Mountain and Buttermilk. They provide exceptional edge grip and stability for a thrilling on-piste experience. The Head Supershape E-Titan skis are engineered for high-performance carving on groomed slopes. They excel in precision and edge grip, making them perfect for skiers who enjoy carving precise turns on Aspen Mountain’s well-maintained runs. These skis cater to advanced skiers seeking exceptional stability and responsiveness for on-piste skiing, providing an exhilarating experience on the groomers.

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