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Head skis was founded in 1946 when Howard Head went skiing for the first time in Stowe, Vermont. While being his first time on skis, and not faring well, Head being the talented engineer that he was immediately identified that the equipment was not helping him ski. Skis then were all hickory wood which did not hold its shape, were long and were clumsy. Using techniques that he had learned during the war years making parts for airplanes Head created the first “Sandwich” skis. Combing layers of metal with wood using new waterproof glues Head constructed a ski made of two layers of aluminum bonded to plywood sidewalls that encased a core of honeycomb plastic.

Within a decade Head was the leading brand of ski in the United States and Europe but it was a set of significant victories in the Olympics in the 60s that really drove the ski to its fame.

Pioneering efforts from head continued with the hourglass shape in the 90s and continues to this day with creative designs and use of materials like titanium in there skis.

Head Kore 111

Head Kore 111 Rental Skis

The Kore 111 was designed for the Head Pro Skier Team to be their freeride powder ski. This was achieved by building the ski on a core that combines ultra-lightweight Karuba wood with layers of Graphine and Carbon. This reduces weight without sacrificing performance so you get a ski that is lightweight and nimble. The beefy 111 underfoot with tip and tail rocker that further enhance this skis float while making it easy to turn in deep snow make this a true powder ski that still has performance characteristics. This is a ski built for experts that is made to go very fast and make long powerful turns. If you can drop Walsh’s in 4 turns this ski can keep up.

Head Kore 105

Head Kore 105 Demo Skis

The Kore 105 is more of a Freeride ski built for soft snow but more maneuverable with narrower waist. The 105 is going to be ideal for days when it has snowed 8 inches or less and you can still find the bottom while the 111 is going to be the go to for deep days that feel bottomless. This ski combines a rocker shape for float and easy turning with sandwich sidewall construction that allows the ski to be responsive on hardpack. The ski is built for expert skiers who know how to drive a ski and are comfortable with a long turn radius that gives the ski a committing feel.

Head Kore 97

Head Kore 97 Ski Rentals

The Kore 97 is a Freeride ski built specifically for intermediate to expert female skiers. The core is sandwiched by triaxle woven carbon adding responsiveness, set around Karuba wood and Graphene to keep it light for touring. Graphene is the lightest and thinnest element ever discovered by man and 300 times stronger than steel, using this element in the Kore give the skis strength and durability without adding weight. The tip and tail rocker make the ski playful and allow it to be responsive in variable conditions. A new durable topsheet shape rounds out the KORE 97 W’s offering as a one-ski quiver for the adventurous freeride skier who is looking for a ski that can handle all that backcountry touring throws at it.

Head Skis Oblivion 94

Head Oblivion 94 Ski Demo

This is our Freeride ski from Head that is narrow underfoot for quick turning and an early rise tip that adds to the ski’s maneuverability in a variety of conditions and different types of terrain. The wood core construction give the ski a light and poppy feel that make is ideal for snappy take off and soft landings. The Sandwich Twintip construction make it ideal for skiers who want to spin and occasionally land backwards. This same construction is also ideal for quick turns in the bumps and using the entire mountain as a playground. Rocker skis have been known to vibrate some so head built the ISS into these skis. The Independent Suspension System is made of an Elastomeric layer located in the tip, tails and underfoot. The elastomers dampen these vibrations to provide the skier with a smooth ride.