Snowy Nights and Bluebird Powder Days

Greg Earnst Manager Hamilton Sports Aspen Snowmass is having one of the best ski seasons ever! It seems like every night has brought snow flurries, while we have awakened to bluebird powder mornings. According to, we are currently at 122% of  our normal snow pack! Thanks to early season snow in November and pre Christmas storms, the mountain is skiing better than ever! And as a result of all this fresh powder, our demo ski fleet is in mint condition this year.

As you would expect with all of this snow, almost 90% of the terrain at Aspen Snowmass is open! Hamilton Sports Assistant Manager Cody Ratledge is booting up right now in the shop and taking out brand new skis today (nope, he’s not scared of rocks)! His pick for slaying pow in 2015, the K2 Annex 118 Seth Morrison. Planned runs on Ajax today include: Face to Six, Short Snort and Zaugg dump. And as a bonus, laying trenches in Spar gulch on the way down to the bucket.

Moving forward in Aspen, we are expecting warm temps and sunny skies. While we can never get enough snow here, a break from last week’s icy temperatures is very welcomed. So, what’s the best outerwear for this cold/warm, sunny/snowy conditions? The KJUS layering system. New for this year is the FRX line. Ultra breathable and waterproof, this line focuses on mix-and-match layering. Pair the FRX Pro Jacket with a FRX 3D Map Jacket and you will be prepared for whatever weather Colorado throws at you!

As the 2014/2015-winter ski season started off stronger than ever (thanks to the seemingly never ending snowflakes), we here at Hamilton Sports can’t wait to see what the rest of the season brings! As far as we are concerned, keep the snowy nights and bluebird days coming!



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