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True to their German Engineered nature Völkl skis handle like they are on rails and fly like the wind. Making skis in Straubling, Germany since 1923 Völkl has been synonymous with performance and passion in skiing for almost 100 years. Their skis are built in one of the most futuristic production facilities in the world, not just in skiing. In this facility traditional craftmanship is combined with high tech innovation resulting in some of the most well-made, most technologically advanced and most trusted skis on the slopes. Their progressive methodologies have delivered one particular ski that has a cult following here in Aspen, the Mantra. Talk to a local who has been here over 10 years and chances are pretty good they will have a pair of these in their line-up. Their athlete team has been setting the pace already this season with multiple podium placements in Stubai and Chur building on the amazing success of last season including the coveted overall Crystal Globe for two athletes in Slopestyle and Freeski. Get your Volkl ski rental from Hamilton Sports ski shop in Aspen, Colorado and experience German engineered skiing!

Volkl M6 Mantra

Volkl M6 Mantra SkisYou would think it would be hard to improve on a true legend of a ski but Völkl incorporated one of the newest technologies and one of the newest materials and managed to make it happen. Incorporating Titanal into the frame they were able to lighten the weight while at the same time increasing the torsional stiffness making the ski easier to handle while not only not loosing but improving on the stability. The ski keeps its tail and tip rocker for that turn initiation you have come to love but adapted the ski with a 3D radius sidecut making the ski even more agile in trees and tight bumps.

Volkl Kendo 88

Volkl Kendo 88 Demo SkisThis Kendo is an extremely powerful ski that in the hands of the right skier can work wonders all over the mountain. The ski is very powerful but that means it requires power to handle it. Völkl has performed wonders with math in this ski with three different radii combined in one ski, the result is a ski that can make tight turns fully on edge on groomed terrain and still allow you to hang on for the ride as you ski the entirety of Walshes in 4 monster turns. This kind of skiing takes experience and courage but for those know how, what a rush. With tip and tail rocker and the Völkl well known multilayer wood core that is surrounded by a full sidewall and a P-Tex 2100 base this is a strong ski that can stand up to years of skiing without loosing an edge. The Kendo share the Titanal Frame and Tailored Carbon Tips with the Mantra to further enhance its performance while lowering weight.

Volkl Kenja 88

Volkl Kenja 88 Rental SkisThe Kenja is a female specific ski also designed for the expert skier. There is a lot of technology in this ski such as the Tailored Fiber Placement which allows the ski to receive the power the skier sends to the ski in very specific ways that influence how it engages the snow. The shovel of the Kenja is engineered such that the moment you initiate a turn it responds but the ski is so sensitive a talented skier can subtly how much the ski changes direction thanks to the TFP. Just like the unisex skis this ski has been updated with the Tailored Titanal Frame, the same frame that has dominated the freeride circuit lately, as well as the new 3D Radius sidecut. Seeing as how Aspen Mountain has no beginner runs and considering the talent of the skier that skies here this could be the perfect ski for this epic area.

Völkl Blaze 94

Volkl Ski Renbtal Blaze 94If you are looking for a ski that has  been specifically designed for woman skiers that has all the properties of a ski that is made for touring and going uphill but has the performance of Völkl then the Blaze 94 is the ski for you! This ski has a short turn radius which is perfect for the type of terrain you find in the backcountry, everything from thick trees to undulating terrain where you need to count on your skis ability to turn. The Hybrid Multilayer Woodcore is the real secret to this skis success, keeping it light while allowing the ski to keep its performance characteristics. The newest feature it a Suspension Tip and Tail that absorbs  whatever the ski comes in contact with and if you ski in the backcountry you know there is a lot to encounter, whether it be hidden snow snakes or choppy terrain that you often experience on the lower elevation of a backcountry run this ski has a tool to help you with it and that is a fantastic thing in a touring ski.

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