Volkl Skis Aspen

Volkl Skis: Precision Engineering and Performance Innovation

Volkl is a renowned brand in the ski industry, known for its commitment to precision engineering, performance innovation, and exceptional quality. With a history dating back to 1923, the brand has consistently delivered skis that cater to a wide range of skiing styles, terrain conditions, and skill levels. Volkl skis excel in various snow conditions and terrains, providing exceptional performance and control. Here’s an overview of Volkl skis, their suitability for different types of skiing, and the impact of their innovative technology on ski performance.

Volkl skis are designed to perform in a wide range of terrain and snow conditions. Volkl’s on-piste skis are designed for precision carving on groomed slopes. They offer outstanding edge grip, stability, and responsiveness, making them ideal for skiers who prioritize speed and control on well-maintained trails. These skis shine on slopes like Aspen Mountain, with its groomed runs that demand precise turns. Their all-mountain skis strike a balance between groomed and off-piste performance, making them versatile across varied terrains. They cater to skiers who enjoy exploring the diverse terrain found in Aspen’s ski areas, including Snowmass, Buttermilk, and Aspen Highlands. Their freeride skis are engineered for off-piste adventures, including powder, crud, and ungroomed terrain. They offer excellent floatation and control in deep snow, making them an excellent choice for advanced skiers seeking thrills in challenging conditions.

Volkl Ski Technology

Volkl has consistently pushed the boundaries of ski technology, significantly improving the performance and skiing experience.

The innovative 3D.Ridge technology reduces the ski’s weight in the center, enhancing agility and maneuverability without compromising stability.

Many Volkl skis feature a Titanal Frame, which combines a lightweight wood core with metal frame reinforcements for stability and power.

Volkl skis often incorporate tip and tail rocker profiles, allowing for easy turn initiation and better performance in powder and variable snow.

A Full Sidewall construction enhances edge grip and precision, ensuring that the ski maintains excellent control even on challenging terrain.

Volkl’s use of premium wood cores, often with multiple layers, ensures a consistent flex pattern and contributes to the ski’s overall performance and durability.

3D.Glass Technology optimizes the ski’s flex and torsional stiffness, enhancing both power and control.

Volkl Skis is a brand celebrated for its precision engineering, innovation, and exceptional performance with a loyal brand of Aspen local followers dedicated to their skis. Whether you’re carving turns on groomed trails, tackling powder in the backcountry, or navigating family-friendly slopes, Volkl skis offer versatile and high-performance options that enhance your skiing experience. The brand’s dedication to innovation and quality continues to make Volkl a trusted and influential name in the skiing world, with a legacy that spans nearly a century.

Mantra 102

Volkl Mantra Rental SkisThe Volkl Mantra 102 skis are designed for advanced to expert skiers seeking versatility and high-performance in all-mountain conditions. With a 102mm waist width, they excel in various terrains and snow conditions, making them an ideal choice for exploring Aspen Mountain’s diverse slopes. These skis offer excellent floatation in powder and perform exceptionally well on groomed runs, providing precise control and stability. Tailored for experienced skiers who demand agility and power, the Mantra 102 is perfect for tackling Aspen’s challenging terrain, from groomers to off-piste adventures, offering an exhilarating and adaptable skiing experience.

M6 Mantra

Volkl M6 Mantra Ski RentalsThe Volkl M6 Mantra skis are engineered for advanced to expert skiers who desire exceptional all-mountain versatility. With a 96mm waist these skis offer precision carving on groomed runs while providing ample floatation and control in light powder and variable snow. Tailored for experienced skiers seeking agility and power, the M6 Mantra is perfect for tackling Aspen’s groomed trails and off-piste terrain, delivering an exhilarating and adaptable skiing experience that suits the mountain’s diverse challenges.


Volkl Kendo Ski DemoThe Volkl M6 Kendo skis are tailored for advanced to expert skiers seeking top-notch all-mountain performance. With an 88mm waist width, they shine on groomed slopes, providing precision, stability, and control. Ideal for Snowmass, they excel on hardpacked and variable snow conditions, delivering confident carving and responsiveness. These skis are designed for experienced skiers who prioritize agility and power, offering a dynamic and exhilarating skiing experience across Snowmass’s diverse terrain, from well-maintained trails to off-piste adventures.


Volkl Kenja Demo SkisThe Volkl Kenja skis are high-performance all-mountain skis designed for advanced to expert female skiers. With a waist width of approximately 90mm, they excel in versatile conditions. The Kenja skis are perfect for aggressive skiing on groomed runs, but their tip and tail rocker also make them adept in powder and off-piste terrain. Their versatility and precision make them ideal for experienced skiers who want to conquer varied terrain, from carving on hardpack to navigating through soft snow. The Kenja skis are engineered to provide power, stability, and control, making them a top choice for those seeking high-performance skiing experiences.


Yumi Womens Rental SkisThe Volkl Yumi skis are designed for intermediate to advanced female skiers looking for a versatile all-mountain experience. These skis offer precise control, stability, and responsiveness, making them suitable for on-piste skiing while still handling some off-piste and mixed snow conditions. The Yumi is tailored for skiers seeking a reliable and adaptable ski that caters to a range of terrain and snow conditions, providing an enjoyable and confident skiing experience for intermediate to advanced female skiers.

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