Volkl Ski Shop Aspen

Volkl Skis are a true legend in the ski industry, their iconic Mantra may be the single ski you see on more locals shoulders on their way to the Silver Queen Gondola every day than any other ski. Based in Straubing, Germany they have been making skis since 1923, and between this wealth of experience and legendary German craftsmanship their line up of skis for the 2019-2020 ski season are some of the most technologically advanced skis in the world.


Volkl Skis M5 Mantra
Volkl Mantra M5 Ski RentalThe Mantra from Volkl skis is one of the most awarded skis of all time and for good reason. Considered by many to be the first ski to really be a quiver of one that performed at all it did without sacrificing to achieve the diversity it covers. The only real change to this legend is the addition of a “Titanal Frame” which consists of layers of metal in the core. This allows the ski to absorb vibration the same as the heavier full metal core did in earlier additions but at a lighter weight.

The Mantra has a Tip and Tail Rocker to handle soft snow and let you easily initiate turns while the classic camber underfoot gives the ski its ability to hold an edge at speed on hard snow. The turning radius is set up to make quick turns in the bumps and bomb down your favorite groomed runs at speeds that will have ski patrol giving you the stink eye. This is an ideal ski rental for Aspen Mountain as it can cover all the different types of terrain this legendary ski resort has. We recommend it for all conditions up to about eight inches of fresh show, at that point we recommend stepping up to something with a little wide waiste.


Volkl Skis Kendo 88
Volkl Kendo 88 Aspen Ski RentalIt is amazing how to look at skis they can look so similar, but the details in what is inside and subtle differences in the shape can make a word of difference. The Kendo 88 does some magic with the shape of its sidecut that allows it to hold and edge extremely well and make precision turns quickly or long arcing carves with equal grace. Volkl dubs this the 3D Radius and is something the expert skier will truly appreciate and the new skier will love for how much it can immediately improve their skiing.

The Kendo has a really natural feel and is a very light ski with its all wood core, something old school skiers really enjoy. While the carbon tip inlays keep it modern and add to its overall lightness. This is a great rental ski for endless bump runs on Aspen as not only will it not let you down when making quick demanding turns but it requires less engery than heavier skis so you can keep going all day long!


Volkl Skis Kenja 88
Volkl Kenja 88 Ski Rental AspenThe Kenja 88 is built on the same principal as the Kando 88, designed for the skier who likes to turn their skis either in moguls or laying out high speed carves on groomed terrain. A light ski with an all word core and carbon titanal in the tips. The full sidewall construction gives it a powerful edge but with trim characteristics set to lighter woman skiers.


Volkl Skis Secret 92
Volkl Secret 92 Ski Demo AspenThe “Secret” is built on the proven performance of the Mantra with a very similar construction but with a shape designed more for carving and speed and a little less for freeride. The Full Sidewall construction enhances this turning ability while the Titanal Frame gives the ski great damping and stability at speed to reduce chatter through the length of the ski allowing you to hold an edge in any conditions. The multi-layer wood core is a combination of poplar and beech, two woods with a proven track record in skis. This is going to be your choice of demo ski when it has not snowed in a few days but the mountain is skiing well and you want to perfect the art of the perfect turn and bump line.