kjus ski wear thinsulateKjus Ski Wear and Thinsulate

Thinsulate is a proprietary fabric created by 3M. It is a type of synthetic fiber used as thermal insulation in clothing, in this case ski clothing. The name of this product is a combination of two of its properties; “Thin” and “Insulation” creating “Thinsulate”. While this material has been around since approximately 1980 it is still one of the best in terms of lightweight insulation available.

The secret to the performance of Thinsulate is in its individual fibers. Thinsulate fibers are about 15 micrometers in diamater. Polyester which is often used in ski clothing is much thicker. These thing fibers are then able to be woven more densely allowing for more warmth in a less bulky fabric. Also since the fibers are smaller, there is more room between them to store warmth and remove moisture. All of this allows for a fabric that retains body heat while removing perspiration from skiing and other athletic endeavors that require protection from the elements while allowing for ventilation.

Kjus utilizes this fabric in its ski line to compliment its Free Motion technology creating ski clothing that is warm and functional!