kjus ski jackets schoellerKjus Ski Jackets and Schoeller PCM – Keprotec – Dynatec

schoeller based in Switzerland makes a suite of fabrics with an emphasis on quality, durability, logevity, and functionality! schoeller fabrics were first used in elastic ski pants as early as 1961 and they are still pioneers in the fabric industry to this day! schoeller fabrics fall into four main categories: Stretch, Protection, Soft-Shell and Lifestyle.

schoeller dynatec
dynatec id a strong durable fabric with protective qualities and a high level of stability. dynatec is an ideal fabric for the rigourous demands of ski clothing as it is pleasant to the touch has an attractive appearance and durable. This fabric is also used in luggage seating and other items where a combination of softness and durability are a necessitate.

What makes dynatec special is the construction. A unique mesh structure utilizing special fibers creates a high density material that allows for ventilation and good protection. Resulting in a fabric that is hardwearing while maintaining a pleasant feel, abrasion proof with an attractive appearance, protective but flexible. All in all a really amazing material.

Kjus uses dynatec along with a sweet of other groundbreaking materials to create the best ski clothing on earth!
schoeller keprotec is also is in the protection category of schoeller fabrics. It in fact offers maximum protection, originally developed for motorcycle racing.

Constructed with high tensile strength fabrics such as Kevlar to ensure durability and temperature stability while maintaining a maximum level of comfort and flexibility. Innovative processes developed by schoeller including core spinning kevlar and creative weaving techniques are what allow it keprotec is an ideal material for ski gloves due to its durability and protective qualities while still providing warmth.

schoeler PCM
schoeller PCM is all about temperature control! The beauty of this fabric is it reacts to the temperature outside in conjunction with your body temperature. Millions of tiny microcapsules filled with the PCM (Phase Change Materials) litterally change from solid to liqued or visa versa accoringd to your body temperature. The material also stores warmth that is released into your body when you get cold. So clothes made with PCM can grab warmth generated from your body while skiing and release it back into you when you are on the lift. Other benefits of this are that instead of keeping excess heat in the body the material absorbs it, preventing you from sweating and getting colder later.

Ski jackets and pants made with PCM are really a marvel of technology, working with your body to maintain a perfect temperature though different conditions and activity levels.