Kjus Performance Ski Wear reccoKjus Performance Ski Wear & RECCO

RECCO reflectors are built into many of todays ski jackets and pants. With more and more ski resorts creating a backcountry feel with hike to terrain that is only partially controlled the need for avalanche protection is becoming more prominent. The RECCO reflector is a circuit board in a plastic mold that doe not require electricity and weighs less than 4 grams. The circuit is a tiny electronic transponder with a copper aerial and a diode that bounces back or “reflects” the radar signal sent out by modern transceivers.

These reflectors do not require any training and have saved lives. While they do not prevent avalanches they can play an important role in avalanche rescue. Why not protect yourself every way you can when pushing your limits on todays extreme in bounds terrain.

Kjus has shown its dedication to safety but integrating RECCO into its performance ski wear. This dedication to not only fashion and function but safety is why we choose to offer our Aspen ski shop clientele this designer ski apparel brand.