Kjus Designer Ski Jackets UltrasonicKjus Designer Ski Jackets and Ultrasonic

Traditional stitching with a needle and thread creates tiny holes in clothing that require taping to seal. Taping is heavy and can fail over time. Kjus is utilizing a new technology called ULTRASONIC stitching which utilizes heat, lasers or ultrasonic technology to bond fabrics instead of stiches. There are many benefits beyond not creating holes in the fabric, including, several layers of material can be bonded together at once, allows innovative ways of styling clothes, the bonds themselves are partially waterproof. This type of dedication to performance in their designer ski jackets is why we choose to carry Kjus in our Aspen ski shop. Stop in and let us show you this amazing technology and the benefits over traditional stitching. Located only steps from the Silver Queen Gondola on Aspen mountain so you can be skiing with in moments from the shop. Need Aspen ski rentals, we have a great selection of the skis from Kastle Skis, Head Skis, Volkl Skis and more!

ULTRASONIC is just another example of how Kjus is on the cutting edge.