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Kastle Aspen Ski Rentals

At Hamilton Sport Aspen ski shop we are proud to carry a collection of the best skis made in our demo fleet. We are one of the longest running ski shops in Aspen because we care first and foremost about the skiing experience and that starts with your connection to the snow. Having the best skis may cost a little more but once you have experienced the way they affect your performance you will agree it is more than worth it. For the last decade our flagship line of Aspen ski rentals has been Kastle skis, Kastle was re-envisioned at that time, reborn from their glory years with a new found dedication to creating the best skis made, and with that pioneering new design and manufacturing techniques that redefined the industry. Many ski makers have been copying these methods and have been scrambling to implement them into their products as they impact was significant.

The real test of a ski comes down to one thing around here, and that is, what do the locals ski. When you see hard core locals who scrape by working nights at restaurants so they can ski all day, and fork over most of their income to live in one of the most expensive places in the world, putting their hard earned money down on a more expensive pair of Kastle’s, you know they must be good.

This year’s line of Kastle Demo Skis includes something from every major category of skiing, from big mountain skis for Aspen Highlands bowl, to touring skis to take into the side country of off Aspen, to carving skis for the World Cup course.


Kastle Supra Demo Skis Aspen

The Supra has been designed for the growing segment of skiers who seek out fresh snow whether it be on mountain or in the backcountry, who want a ski that does not sacrifice performance for the sake of being an uphill specific ski. Built with a combination of carbon layers and layers of light wood the ski has stability and snap without adding weight. The early rise lets the Supra charge into deep snow without becoming overwhelmed so you can drive this light ski through powder with control. The steel edge that wraps the top of the ski is for protection for the carbon and wood layers. If you are looking for a limited edition ski that is ideal for climbing but also still has the skills to handle aggressive skiing in the backcountry or on Walshes on a powder day the Supra is it.


Kastle Ski Shop Aspen MX99The MX line is the flagship line of skis from Kastle and the MX99 is a go to choice for all mountain adventures with the 99 mm waist making it ideal for a variety of conditions. Wide enough to handle fresh snow but nimble enough to nail demanding turns in couloirs and tight turns in the trees. The MX99 features the signature Hollowtech 2.0 upgrade that keeps the lightens the ski while dampening chatter at speeds. The early rise helps the ski initiate turns while the innovative side cut allows it to hold an edge on variable conditions. Sandwich carbon construction taken from ski racing is the foundation of the ski and what gives it unparalleled stability.  This all around ski is heavier than the Supra so not going to be your light weight skinning ski, but instead is going to be your all mountain master, ideal for all the expert terrain on Aspen and Aspen Highlands.


Kastle Aspen Ski Shop MX89The MX89 with its more nimble dimensions is going to be an ideal Aspen Mountain ski rental when the snow is still soft but not fresh from the night before. This skis turns on a dime with a generous sidecut and the shape of the Elliptical Radius of the ski that lets it hold an edge throught the entire length of the ski. With a standard camber the ski center is clearly elevated and the contact points to the snow are far forward and back. The effective edge is longer and the ski initiates turns more quickly and precisely allowing it to make snappy turns on the beautiful bump lines down the Back of Bell Mountain.


Kastle BMX105 Aspen Ski DemoThis is the big gun of the Kastle line, this is the one you are going to want to grab from the ski shop when it drops a foot of fresh on the mountain. From big lines down Aspen Highlands Bowl to big air of Waterfall and Ridge Cliff on Aspen, this ski requires a skier who can handle the power it has to offer. The time proven sandwich construction with DUAL RISE technology promises reliability in a variety conditions, with this design the contact point to the snow is moved toward the center of the ski, thus ensuring a more forgiving and playful performance. The power of the ski is due in part to the Sandwich-Sidewall Construction that allows the ski to have optima flex down the length of the ski while maintaining its torsional rigidity.


Kastle FX95HP Ski Rental AspenIt can’t snow every day of the year but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to get out on the mountain, that is when you are going to want to grab the FX95. With Dual Rice technology this ski moves effortlessly and playfully on variable conditions, even ice and breakable crust. Made with the finest wood core that has been manufactured with precision to one-tenth of a millimeter the FX95  is responsiveness with dampening characteristics that allow the ski to handle these types of tough conditions. This is going to be your Aspen demo ski when you want to bash bumps and lay down carves on groomers.


Kastle LX85 Aspen Ski RentalThe go to choice for an easy to handle ski for the beginner or intermediate skier who’s day may start with the fresh corduroy of One and Two leaf and then progresses to the blue bumps of Midnight and Pump House once they legs are warmed up and the confidence is built. With the HOOK FREE TAIL and Dual Rise Rocker culminating in the contact point being moved toward the center of the ski, this combo results in a forgiving, playful performance when exiting a turn setting you up for the next one with confidence. A perfect ski rental selection for skiers looking for a light, easy-turning ski for the whole season.