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Head Skis was born right here in the good old U.S.A. Howard head was a devoted skier who was consistently breaking his skis. He set out to make his own and in 1950 he released skis that not only held together better than other but skied extremely well. This sturdy design in skis that turn dramatically easier are what make Head stand apart.

Head started playing with titanium and graphite in the 90s, originally in tennis rackets and this technology was shared with the ski department. Head has always made use of the latest materials in the best way possible to increase the performance of their skis and this year is no exception. We are seeing materials we have never heard of before making skis lighter than ever and without sacrificing power.

Head Skis Kore 105

head freeride skis kore 105Kore, as in “Hard Core” is what these sophisticated Freeride skis are all about. A technically superior ski for athletes pushing freeride performance in and out of bounds. If you are looking for a ski that can perform aerial acrobatics in the backcountry one day and bomb Aspen Highlands Bowl in three turns the next, this is the ski!

The super light wood core made of Karuba is what makes the Kore series skis pop and have a such a unique personality. With th perfect ratio of density and weight you get a ski that has the power to launch but is easy to control in the air and float on pow.

Head Skis Kore 99

head powder skis kore 99We liked the Kore skis so much we brought in three different sizes, on the big days over 15 inches you definitely want the Kore 105, on the medium days around 8 to 15 inches this Kore 99 is going to give you the perfect amount of float with still having plenty of control. On days where we get some fresh but it is under 8 inches you are going to love the Kore 93.

Like the 105 the 99 has that super light and snappy Karuba wood core, both skis alsy share the graphene tip and tail. This is the lightest/strongest material known to man and keeps the ski from diving in pow no matter how hard you drive it. This combined with the polyester fleece top sheet instead of plastic is what has allowed them to create the lightest freeride ski out there.

Head Skis Kore 93

head rental skis kore 93The super light nature of the Kore 93 makes it a great touring ski, while the edge grip and stability thanks to the sandwich cap construction make it ideal for an on mountain carver. With the Rocker Camber Rocker set up you get to ride on what is the new norm in all mountain skis, this set up really likes to turn.

Loaded with carbon glass fiber, Koroyd, Graphene and the Polyester Fleece top sheet the Kore is a marvel of modern engineering that you get to strap to your feet and slide down a mountain on! But don’t be fooled by all this lightweight stuff, this ski is a Head after all.

Head Skis Total Joy

head total joy skisWith the light and snappy Karuba wood core the Total Joy makes skiing bumps just that, really fun. A women specific ski with a progressive side cut this is going to be a go to rental ski for Aspen mountain when we are riding packed powder and you want to set the pace or perfect your turn. Head uses there LYT Tech Construction which embeds Graphene into the Karuba to increase performance without weight.

Head also gives the Total Joy a thicker tail and tip so it distributes the weight in a way that gives you more stability and effortless control.