Blizzard Aspen Ski ShopBlizzard Skis is steeped in history, a veteran of the second world war Toni Arnsteiner returned home ot his small town of Mittersill in Austria, and in his fathers, carpentry shop started making what would evolve into one of the greatest ski brands of all time.

By 1958 Blizzard Skis would carry Freida Dänzer on to win the first world championship in the tirple combined. Thus began a long and dominating carrear in ski racing for Blizzard with Mario Matt winning Gold at the Oympics in Sochi!

With awards from ISPO for Innovative Advances in the Market and legions of die hard followers in ski towns around the world Blizzard is a name you can trust. From the Flip Core to the IQ-System Blizzard is always finding ways to make theirs skis perform in a way that allow their customers to ski better, push their boundaries and enjoy the sport more.

Blizzard is a key part of our Aspen ski rental fleet, see below a list of what we are carrying this year for our 2019/2020 Blizzard demo skis.

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Blizzard Skis Rustler 10

blizzard ski rentals aspen rustler10Blizzard was one of the first ski makers to embrace the “rocker” and they have been perfecting its implementation ever since. Their rocker-camber-rocker profile on the Rustler 10 allows the ski to be stable in a variety of snow conditions yet still really responsive to to quick turns.

The Carbon Flipcore D.R.T has a sheet ot Titanal that adds stability and control where you need it in the middle of the ski while allowing for more flexibility in the tip and the tail. This with the added benefit of a reduced swing weight in the tip and tail make the ski super easy to maneuver giving it a very playful feel. All this combined with a Sandwich Compound Sidewall that gives the ski a really strong edge results in a ski that is solid at speed but made to be used all mountain.

Blizzard Skis Rustler 9

blizzard ski demos aspen rustler9The Rustler 9 is a smaller 164 cm ski that is 92 under foot made for packed powder and groomed conditions With Blizzards favorite Freeride layup the Rocker-Camber-
Rocker and the progressive early rise tail you get a ski that is quick edge to edge making this an ideal rental ski for when you want to perfect your mogul technique on the legendary bump runs of Aspen Mountain. The nature of this mountain really does make it ideal for skiers and the talent of locals and visitors that ski here is of the best. So you end up with some of the cleanest mogul lines you will find at any resort in Colorado.

Blizzard has put a wood core in the Rustler 9 which gives the ski a very natural feel, something old school skiers will really appreciate. This natural wood core and modern design techniques give the end result of a ski that performs at a high level and just feel good to be on.

Blizzard Skis Brahma 88

blizzard aspen ski rentals brahma88The Brahma 88 is an ideal ski when it has not snowed for a few days and you need sticks that can power through variable conditions and grip hard snow. The tried and proven Carbon Flipcore from Blizzard Skis has a carbon fiber in the tails and tips of the skis rocker that makes them more stable. This allows the ski to track smoother so you have more control and thus can lay down better turns. Without the chatter the ski distributes pressure more evenly which results in more powerful turn.

With Sandwich Compound Sidewall Construction you get the maximum amount of energy transferred from your body to the snow through the edge of the ski, so you can count on the 88 to hold an edge in any conditions.  The skis combination of Beechwood and Poplar absorb chatter and give the ski a smooth ride even when pushing your comfort level at high speeds.

Rent this ski if you are heading out to Snowmass and it has not snowed in a few days, you will appreciate the control as you drop into “The Wall” or technical terrain of “The Cirque” where navigating demanding terrain is more the name of the game as opposed to the wide open bombing you get in Highlands Bowl.

Blizard Skis Sheeva 9

blizzard aspen ski demos sheeva9The Blizzard Sheeva 9 Skis are Blizzard’s more playful option to the mega classic Black Pearl, an all-mountain freeride ski that loves everything the mountain can throw at it.

The more relaxed profile makes it more fun om moguls and in glade terrain, thanks to two signature Blizzard design tools, First the Carbon Flipcore D.R.T Technology and then this is laid into  Women’s specific design, which provides the ideal balance of low weight with increased performance.

With added tip and tail rocker the Sheeva is responsive and stable yet super playful in fresh snow on the entire mountain.A true one-ski quiver for the all-mountain freeride skier looking for a single ski to handle it all with power and style.

Blizard Skis Black Pearl 88

blizzard aspen ski shop Black PearlThis Black Pearl 88 is superb at laying precise arcs on corduroy while still having the needed float for medium sized powder days, this may be why it is the world’s best selling women’s ski. This is a delightfully easy to maneuver for a ski considering how much it is loaded with performance, resulting in versatile, all-around ski.

The 88 mm waist, and a women’s specific Carbon Flipcore W.S.D. construction, a carbon layer integrated into the sandwich construction the Black Pearl offers the ultimate ride through all types of terrain. Made with lightweight construction, early rise tip and tail, and camber underfoot make this ski a go-to for expert female skiers as well as those looking to get a little better in intermediate terrain.

Blizard Skis Rustler Team

Blizzard Team Aspen kids ski rentalYou want your little ripper to have as much fun as possible on the mountain so they grow up to love the sport of skiing as much as you do. Blizzard get this that is why they made a ski just for kids but with all the technology and love that the adults get.

Between the Rocker-Camber-Rocker profile that makes the ski easy to turn and the Carbon Flipcore that gives it its stable ride your petite athlete is set up for success!

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