black crows aspen ski shopBlack Crows Skis are born in the home of “Extreme Skiing” Chamonix France. Their desire is to create skis that are first and foremost fun! They design skis specifically to the type of skiing each us want to do so there will be something in the quiver that fits what you are looking for. They are know to obsess over the details of a ski and how it’s identity and performance fit in the modern world of skiing. If you are looking for skis that will maximize your energy and potential to be the best skier you can be, Black Crows are a great fit!

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Black Crows Skis “Orb”

black crows rental skis freeride orbThe Orb from Black Crows are a front side of the mountain ski with a long turn radius and a narrower waist, these design features give you a ski that is quick edge to edge and can carve a really nice turn, especially once you hit the right speed, aka fast! We know everyone loves to ski powder, but let’s be realistic, not every day is a powder day, and skiing in the sun is great. It is these days that you are going to want to carve high speed turns down Sneaky’s while you spend a day exploring the massive amount of groomed terrain Snowmass has to offer.

Black Crows Skis “Daemon”

black crows rental skis aspen daemonThe Daemon is an all terrain ski from the Black Crows, these are going to be more narrow than their big mountain skis but wider than their resort specific skis. Think of the Deamon as an every day ski when there may be some leftover powder, some variable conditions and you may run into some snow that has set up on the sunny side of the mountain. With a full reverse camber the ski is stable at speed and responds nicely to commands. Progressive flex on the tips help this ski handle softer snow and the Titanal plate gives it tons of energy.

Black Crows Skis “Atris”

black crows big mountain skis artisThe Atris from Black Crows Skis is one of there many Big Mountain skis, they have four skis in this category because in Chamonix there is that much variety in Big Mountain skiing. The Atris is a freedom machine meant to take you from big open bowls to deep powder filled forests! With a double rocker that is going to make skiing fresh snow on the steep terrain at Aspen Highlands easier than probably any other ski you have ever been on you will find yourself venturing into terrain you never dreamed on the Atris. The Extended sidecut makes this ski very maneuverable unlike many powder skis that just feel like to pieces of plywood on your feet. A consistent and stiff flex so you don’t end up in the back seat and a progressive tip to help you dive into turns and keep your body pointed down the hill. The Atris will make you a big mountain bad ass quickly!

Black Crows Skis “Captis Birdie”

black crows powder rental skis captisThe Captis Birdie are all terrain skis made for the whole mountain but designed specifically for women. A light weight ski so it is easy to handle in all kinds of conditions with classic camber under foot to give the ski consistent contact with the snow when it is firm. The tight 17 meter turning radius gives you a ski that can edge hard and with the softer flex pattern female skiers can take advantage of this and make the ski perform the way it is designed without having to overwork it. This is going to be the ideal rental ski for women who want to ski Walshes on one run and bash the bumps on Back of Bell the next.

Black Crows Skis “Camox Birdie”

black crows all mountain skis camoxBlack Crows an excellent job of design skis specifically for woman, and they do such a good job at designing big mountain skis that we brought in two pair for the ladies, giving you options in this category with subtle differences. When the snow is a little too deep for the Captis but you still want to charge hard on all kinds of terrain the Camox is going to be the go to ski. Slightly more wide underfoot and a great combination of double rocker with a classic camber you get a ski that can handle deep powder and still turns on more packed snow. Yes you get it all!

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